Today was much better than yesterday that’s for sure. I didn’t really have to do much at school: I had my last lecture in my first class, had a fun presentation in my second, presented a project myself with my group which I think we did well (despite my stumbling. We needed to set clear who did what), and basically I had my last lecture in my final class. The good news continued as I have only one exam to take next week, and I’m starting to get a little clear on how to apply for graduate school.

I had recently found out by my mother that one of my games should come tomorrow while the others will come Friday (weird, right?). Creatively, it was a good day. I had gotten farther in one of my characters’ journal entries. In that scene, the group gets apprehended by a nurse at an adolescent hospital facility that is designed to keep them from causing trouble during their Disaster Phase (it makes way more sense in context), but the group had each swore that they would get free but for now will lay low. It’s way ahead of schedule so I won’t be posting it for some time.

Today I was rocking my baseball yellow and gray hoodie with blue Aeropostale jeans, and black Under Armour shoes. The Wizards are 12-5 (yay!) and my family had a nice study together. All is well.


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