Today was awesome. It marked the last day for three classes. The other one just had a review for the final exam on Monday, and then Winter break begins. I had managed to sell a few books back for the modest price of sixty dollars, which considering the many other times I had sold my books is quite a bit of change. Practically paid myself back for the money I spent at Old Navy. I mostly hung out the library all day looking at TV Tropes, gaining some inspiration for new story ideas. It definitely gave my brain a much needed jump start. I had also traveled all the way down to Publix to grab an apple for a price of seventy-four cents. It was a big, plump one.

The rest of my games came in today. I had to explain to my dad and sister what they were about, which wasn’t easy to do since I suck at explaining things. Dad gave me a warning of how the games would warp the minds of children that come here every now and then (not that I had agreed to them coming here in the first place but am the only one who tolerates them. They tore up my room last time and frankly they have a whole lot more bad influences than my games) He also express desire to play them which is fine with me. I did play Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix. I’m still on Roxas’ chapter (longest intro to a game ever). The Wizards are still rolling with a 13-5 record, and I’m going to finish that Roxas chapter before watching some more One Piece. Golly, I sound nerdy!


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