I spent today crashing at the house. After eating some breakfast, I prepared for the meeting tomorrow. Through a series of uncomfortable questions, my dad found out something…big from me. He says he’s cool with it, but something tells me there’s going to be trouble. Maybe it’s the fact that he told me that my sister, who will basically be reliant  on my parents or me because of her disability, will outclass me. I wish he would pushing competition against me. I hate competition. If he would just put his big ego aside and be a little more open-minded  and stop putting me down with lectures every time I share stuff, maybe I wouldn’t have to feel the need to hide myself all the time. Maybe even from the world.

I played a little Kingdom Hearts since college football was boring. Well, except Alabama, but that’s my team. I had gotten to Hollow Bastion and finished the Land of the Dragons (Shan-Yu is nothing compared to the mini-games). I also played Rayman Legends (pretty fun so far) and read a little of Battle of the Labyrinth. (Spoiler) Rachel barely saves Percy’s life from the cheerleaders. And then I went for a run. Got back and watched some cartoons. Speaking of which, I hear Ed, Edd, n Eddy as well as some chicken calling my name.


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