Today is an average Sunday. I didn’t play any games, sorry, studying for an exam takes priority over fun (ugh). I had job, which involves carrying microphones, during the meeting this morning so at least I wasn’t stuck to my seat. Then I witness (well, actually heard on radio) the Ravens defeating the Dolphins. Unfortunately, the Wizards fell to the Celtics (still a lot left in the season). Dad was civil today which I guess was cool but I still feel tension going on there. My defenses are still on high, prepared for the worst. After the cable had went out last night, the channels had all returned to normal the next morning, well, all except Disney. The one channel I watch the most just happens to still be down. Okay, Disney is not as good as the good ol’ days but it’s still a breath of fresh air from all the stuffy channels. Anyway, I hope it comes back on soon. See ya.


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