WordPress you’ve changed on me again. Moving on, today marked the last day of the semester. You’d think I’d be happy but really I feel bittersweet. To me it seems like my college days are coming close to an end and I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing in this crazy thing we call life. I’m also nervous of how I did in all my classes. I know the writing classes were likely high and so should my psychology classes but you never know. It could all be over in a moment with one bad grade or an exam that you thought you needed.

Anyway, I took one last stroll on campus before my mother could bring around the car. I went down to Publix to get some rubbing alcohol and some fiber supplements (don’t ask). Got home and watched some cartoons. I also washed the dishes and helped my mother haul in a new freezer. Good thing it was light and I work out a bit. Now the sound system she tried to put together, she was on her own.

I thought about playing some games today, but I decided to help my sister learn how to play Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi before starting to write down my final project for creative writing. That’s something I like to do.

I watched a little of the Packers-Falcons game, and heard that the Wizards are 14-6 in an overtime thriller. I decided to take the time to get a little further in my project just before retiring for the night. For such a small day, it left a lot a big things to say.


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