Day one of Winter break finds me finishing up my final creative writing project. I spent  most of the day lounging around at the house, catching up on my sleep, reading, watching cartoons, the usual.

The unexpected news of my mother’s cold kept us from attending the meeting. Granted, I could’ve driven my sister and myself there or called someone to come pick us up, but I never backed down the hill in the dark before and I don’t think it’s a good idea for anybody to come at my house at this time. Dad is still kind of wound up. He’s still swearing up and down that my mom and me are liars and backstabbers all because I didn’t tell him something he never needed to know in the first place. And judging from how he’s acting or rather how he acted throughout most of my life, I’d say my call was sound. Anyway, I took the time to finish my project. All I need to do is proofread it and turn it in online. And then my vacation can really begin.


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