Day two. I was expecting a do nothing day when I had finished my project just after waking up. I had the feeling that it was a Thursday because I was used to having days off on that day, but it was just a simple Wednesday with a whole lot of fiber intake. After watching Yu Yu Hakosho, I had called my mother asking her if I could have some of her bananas seeing as how they were ripening rather quickly. She of course said yes and reminded me to rake the leaves with my sister. That’s when the day took a turn. After grueling hours of grinding and working (okay, it was more tedious than difficult), my sister and I went back inside to grab a snack before heading out for a little jog. I noticed that my outside shoes were falling apart and thought about buying some new shoes so that I could use my old New Balance for outdoor activities (I think I spoil myself too much. Lucky, I sold my books). I went on Amazon and found a pair of Under Armours for a price of $74.11. I couldn’t resist. Under Armour were such good shoes, so I bought them. It was a silver shade, my favorite metallic color, evo-running type so I hope that not only does it feel good, but it matches my wardrobe. And so after watching some Teen Titans (the old one, not the new), reading some good literature, and watching some One Piece; I decided to pack it in for one day.

By the way, according to a self esteem test, I need to stop seeking others’ approval. I don’t sound that like that, do I? I just don’t want people to hate me. Peace


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