Day three. Thursday brings its usual dull moments that I like. I woke up late again, washed the dishes, headed back to watch some cartoons, read my books, and edited my second book. I had gotten my exam back. Let’s just say a 78 is low on my expectations but it didn’t lower my overall grade very much. I should still pass with a B if my math was done right. Technical writing also yielded a B-. So far so good. You know I really like Bs, even better than As. I don’t know what is. Maybe it’s that sweet mix of not being perfect and yet still being very good.

I’d also played some of Rayman Legends. The game is surprisingly fun. It keeps you on your feet and challenges your thinking ability. I like that. My family (by which I mean my mother, sister, and I) had a family night where we watched an inspirational video of people coming together and upbuilding each other. It’s really good if not a bit repetitive, but still really good. Well, I might as well turn it in. I might have to go somewhere in the morning. Later.


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