Day four. Waking up at 7:57 for a service was a slight pain that subsided as time went on. My sister and I as well as few others went from town to town doing a service work, and let’s just say that unless I’m driving I tend to dose off. It got even more embarrassing that I lost the map given to me.

My sister and I put some money together to get some Sonic (food, not the hedgehog) and went home where I treated myself to some Girl Code (don’t judge me) and some cartoons. I played some more Rayman Legends (the game is starting to get addictive) and went on to edit my second book before going out for a jog. I owe my mother $74.11. Her card was used instead of mine so now I have transfer some money (oops). I spent the rest of the evening wondering what to do with my life. Trying to apply for graduate school is tougher than I thought, lucky I started thinking about this before my last year. Lucky my own school has the field that I’m trying to work in: clinical psychology. I have the heart of a writer but I do have a talent for a mind. I also changed the price of my first book the Stolen Tablet from $4.99 to $2.99 if anyone is interested. And the Wizards triumphed over the Clippers for a 16-6 record. Well, I better get some sleep before heading out to buy some groceries tomorrow. Peace.


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