Today, my family went out to do some service before going out to get some groceries, only this time we had a guest along with us for the ride. We stopped to get some fries along the way, which by the way I still can’t get to go down properly (too much grease I think). I think I’ll stick to more healthier snacks from now on.

Once at home, I got a chance to play my other two games. I didn’t know Final Fantasy X/X-2 was really two games in one. Well, I guess life is full of good surprises sometimes. It was really fun so far and thanks to the PS3’s wireless controller, I can multitask while reading TV Tropes. Portal 2 was pretty enjoyable as well, but I was starting to get video game headache so I couldn’t delve into much. Well, I have meeting to go to in the morning so later.


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