Day five. It was a classic Sunday. First, I went to a meeting. We had two guests visiting, a young man and his wife. They were a lovely couple. My sister also got a chance to hold a friend’s baby, something that I guessed that she’d been waiting to do. To be honest, the child looked like a baby doll, though I guess that says a lot about how realistic companies are making baby dolls these days or maybe babies really do look like baby  dolls. We got ourselves a chicken or the egg mystery going on here.

NFL day got pretty stressful but thankfully the Ravens pulled out a win over the Jaguars and are now in a wildcard position. It was also satisfying to see Johnny Football get shutout. Cleveland should’ve stuck with the quarterback that was getting the wins. The Wizards are also 17-6 with a win over the Jazz, and that should conclude my sports of the week.

I shaved my beard and cut my hair before taking a refreshing bath. I was planning on playing some more Final Fantasy, but there’s only so much time in a day so I guess I’ll spend the few I got left watching some old cartoons that I like before getting a life. Peace.


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