Day seven. Today was much better. Waking up, I did my daily activities and washed the dishes. I didn’t clog the drain well enough, so all the water was basically drained before I did any washing. I played some more Final Fantasy. Still learning the tricks and trade but it’s not like anything I had seen before. Tidus, Wakka, and Yuna are my preferred party, but the other two are growing on me.

Creatively, today was awesome. I had gotten far on my editing. I just got done with a fighting scene. Katrina, Marion, Prince, and Fleana had encountered these huge brutes while doing a community service. It was real fun. I had also gotten a little further in the Battle of the Labyrinth.

I had a meeting to go to tonight where I had to read in front of a crowd. I had been doing this for a while now so I wasn’t nervous or anything, but I will say that it was the first time that someone forgot to lower the mic for me. The guy ahead of me was real tall, or maybe I’m a little short. Oh, well. The Wizards are now 18-6 (you go Wiz) and I’m off to bed.


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