Day eight. Today was an average Wednesday when I have a day off, which is what I should get used to considering that next semester it’s one of my three days off. After doing my morning routine, I read some good literature. Today was quite a literary day looking back on it. I read, edit, and wrote more than I took breaths. It was also a Final Fantasy filled day as well. (spoiler) Blitzball sucks.

My mother drew the money from my account so I have officially paid for my shoes (whoopee!). I also looked at a pair for my dad (he says he needed some) while my mom paid for them. I don’t have any more money to spend. Things that I watched today: Yu Yu Hakusho, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Teen Titans (old version), Sonic Boom, Tom and Jerry, and One Piece. Not in that exact order.


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