Day nine. Waking up was tough. I fell asleep at around two in the morning and woke up at about ten. I then spent half the morning running on very low energy. Luckily that faded as time went on. Also let’s just say my stomach wasn’t having as good a morning either. I listened to this song called Rainbow Factory and honestly I would never look at My Little Pony the same way again. That was some twisted stuff. My dad had come home early just as I was about to write and read my books. According to my sister, he’s staying home tomorrow.

I did play some Final Fantasy, but it was mostly just some level grinding. It’s Pokemon all over again. It’s a newer system compared to my last Final Fantasy game but I’m learning it quickly. After watching some cartoons, I think I should retire for the night. I might have to be somewhere tomorrow. Sorry if my blogs are not more entertaining than this. Peace.


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