Day ten. Today was a little rough in the morning. I didn’t have to go anywhere, but it didn’t ease the pain of that early morning. I was a little down for a while, but I eventually perked up. After watching Yu Yu Hakusho, I continued my journey on Final Fantasy. I’m starting to get a sense that this is Japanese media month. Thanks to the level grinding, I could walk through the area I’m in with ease. What was bosses to me earlier now appeared to be just harmless mooks. I just love RPGs.

Well, after rotting my brain for a while, I decided to stimulate it with some reading of books. I then channeled my creative prowess into my writing. I did also take a few quizzes which told me I had an INTP personality (introversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving), a pretty rare personality type. I’m kind of glad that I wasn’t just another face. I heard that the Wizards are now 19-6, defeating the former mighty Heat (they don’t look so good after Lebron left) and now I’m off to bed.


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