Day eleven. Today would be described as Final Fantasy day. That’s what happens when you have RPGs and a lot of free time on your hands. Of course, I could’ve been a little more productive, but when it comes to writing, I take weekends off. Too much of a good thing can rot your soul. Thankfully, I don’t play games during school semesters. Too distracting.

Today also included some barbeque despite the cold weather and what better to go with barbeque than some Gatorade, Pina Coladas, and football. Of course it would’ve been good if my dad hadn’t got too competitive with me. Geez, and he wonders why I don’t want to spend a lot of time with him. He honestly believes that lion could beat a tiger and a bear and tries very hard to pick at everything pointing contrary. It didn’t help that mom showed him the video of lion beating the bear. He hates Philip River because of the California stereotypes and believes he’s the sole reason the Chargers hadn’t won anything. He holds the same thing against Brett Farve. Would like to see his face when he finds out the Chargers won. I grow tired of his childish competitions. He keeps saying that I’ll never beat him and mom just calls it a ‘man’ thing like a typical ‘woman’. Talk about victim shaming and gender stereotypes. What bothers me is that they believe in them. Finally, I just went back to my game and thought I just catch the highlights. Well, I gotta be somewhere tomorrow.


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