Day thirteen. Talk about your rude awakenings. This morning I found myself sleeping on the floor. I often lie in the corner between my mattress and fan to think things over, but to say that it was pleasant would be a lie. Thoughts about where I’m going to be in five years (actually a little over a year) pretty much haunted me. To me the future was this big white screen. I know the way that my major says I should go, but it all seems overwhelming and complicated. Tests, letters of recommendations, statement of purpose, finding internships. The weight of it all is crushing me.

The rest of the day was good. I played some more Final Fantasy. Grinding a little bit with Yuna, Kimarhi, and Auron. And I had what I would call a creative explosion. Editing my second book was great (completed a chapter). I was on a roll before I went out for some sprints. Got to see the Broncos-Bengals game, a little disappointed that Peyton couldn’t finish them, but life goes on. Well, I better get some sleep.


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