Day fourteen. Today was, in a few short words, a rainy mess. It was raining nonstop and I think it still is. Personally, I have no problem with rain, in fact I love it, but it totally threw me off my groove. For example, rain makes me more tired so I slept in (good thing I don’t have school to worry about) and had to do everything late. And because of the random thunder, I decided that today wasn’t a good day for a run. Creatively, I did okay. It wasn’t great but then again I didn’t have the chance to do much. I did do some level grinding in Final Fantasy but I didn’t get too far. It’s so much harder when two of your party is so underpowered and the summons are overkill and detrimental in level grinding (still love them though. Team Bahamut).

Later on, I had to go to a meeting. It wasn’t a big turn out, not surprising given the weather. Apparently, we’re going try out some new things next year so that’s good to know. I found out the Wizards lost again (keep your head up) and now I’m ready to turn it in. Wish I could say the same for my dad.


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