Day fifteen. Oh, how today went…while sleeping in late was not ideal, the timing couldn’t have been better. Both parents were home and the list of chores was cut down. If only it didn’t cost me time in jogging it would’ve been that much better. Stepping out of my usual routine, I decided to spice up my programing with some Ed Edd n Eddy instead of the usual. Days like these don’t come around that often. I did some more level grinding in Final Fantasy, had an aeon battle, another battle, and am now level grinding some more. It’s weird I know. Since my family doesn’t do the whole Christmas thing, we opened our gifts today. My dad liked his new shoes, my sister liked her new Under Armour clothing, my mother loved her new drinking glasses (she was thinking about getting thicker glasses), and I got two new Under Armour hoodies including one that matches my new shoes (strange I never thought I’d be this happy getting clothes. Tell me that ten years ago. I’ll get a good laugh). I’m going to feel like a walking advertisement. I appreciate my taste in brand being appreciated. In fact, I think my family is turning into an Under Armour family. Oh, well, good stuff is good stuff.


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