Day sixteen. If you had read my last post, then you should know that my family doesn’t do Christmas, so it was just another day at the house except with some turkey.

I got up and read a little. Watched cartoons, played some games, and did a few chores. Not in that exact order. On Final Fantasy, I did some more level grinding and when I thought that my party was juiced up enough, I went and kicked Seymour’s butt…again. It was far easier this time than last time. Bahamut and Auron just obliterated him. The game seemed to have anticipated that and had given me a tougher boss to deal with later on in Defender X. Okay, before I go off in my nerdiness, I guess I should tell about the rest of my day. I did some more editing on my second book and got my daily dose of exercise. When I got back in, I spent time with my parents playing dominoes (dad won). I made my sister and me strawberry daiquiri (non-alcoholic of course) and I found out that the Wizards had won today ending the losing streak, and now I lay to rest.


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