Day seventeen. Today started rough but eased up as the day went along. I couldn’t sleep last night so I dropped out at about five in the morning, but strangely, I was okay waking up at ten. I did my chores and surfed the web, watching my daily amount of cartoons and listening to music. That’s when my day turned upside down as a few of my cousins dropped by with their kids and my aunts. I hate unexpected guests, especially when the guests have kids who search through my stuff, knock over my things while hopping on my bed, and ask me lots of questions about stuff. Because of this, I couldn’t go out for my usual jog and I had to edit my book later than usual. I had to protect my really expensive things. I also had to buy a new chord for my Sol Republic headphones. I should be expecting it in the mail in a few days. I used the right card this time and luckily that chord was only twenty-six dollars. I hope that it’s compatible to my headset. It’s a white chord to my red headset (crimson white, get it?). I would hate to think that I wasted my money. I did play some Final Fantasy. Let’s just say I was lucky to have leveled up Kimarhi as he had a solo fight to deal with. Well, I hope that I can sleep tonight. I can’t be falling asleep behind the wheel tomorrow.


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