Day twenty. Today was much better except the fact that I woke up 11:30! Man, these days I’m getting lazy. Granted I shouldn’t be staying up until two in the morning. Twelve is okay, one is pushing it, but two is crossing the line.

After waking up I did the usual. Chores, breakfast, and sprucing up even though I had nowhere to go. I also prepared for the meeting I have tomorrow. Then I grinded some on Final Fantasy before taking out another boss. Note to self: Holy, dispel, and Aeons are your friends. After all that was done, I did something productive and edited my second book while reading a bit of the Battle of the Labyrinth before going out for a jog. It’s getting to be slow in the creative department and I almost slipped while running. Some guy brought over some wood so my family should be set for now.

In other sports related news, the Wizards had defeated the Rockets in what appears to be a tight battle. That’s got to be a confidence booster as I think Houston was a really good team. Well, I gotta go and see if I could fall asleep earlier. Oh, and just because some people have money doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. Food for thought.


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