Day twenty-one. Today was okay. I fell asleep at two again, but this time I managed to get up around ten. It’s not great, but it’s better than eleven. After doing my daily morning routine, my thoughts turned toward what I’m going to do next year when I graduate. I decided to take a practice test and flunked. I took it again and this time passed (knowing all the answers beforehand helps but at least I know how to solve the problems). I also made a resume (thank you Technical Writing class) on Internship.com and applied to two Writing internships, one involving WordPress here. Hey, my internships doesn’t have to be all my major and I heard writing skills are quite valued in the work field.

Creatively, my day was better and I did get my daily exercise before I went to the meeting where my mom had special part where she talked about how our family grew and fed off each other. I can’t believe that Suh got off suspension, that rarely happens, but I’m glad Haloti is back as well. I also heard that the Wizards fell to the Mavericks. I guess they were still recovering from the win against Houston, but I’m staying positive. Some will win, some will lose; always look on the bright side. Later.


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