Day twenty-six. Today was a typical Sunday. I got up and readied myself for the meeting. My beard was so irritating last night that I decided to shave it off as soon as I finished my breakfast. It felt so good to get that thing off my face. Something happened to the bathtub drain so my sister had to take a bath in my parents’ bathroom. If you were going to compare bathrooms, ours was better by a long shot (don’t tell my mom that). I got to see an old friend during the meeting, and got news that he was leaving again by Thursday, ironically the day I return on campus. It’s going to be tough seeing him go just as he got back, but you know the whole saying about letting your loved ones go.

The rest of the day went well. Well, except when my tablet starting acting up. God, sometimes I just want to break that thing. It only cost $45 anyway. I got some more creative ideas and the source of it all came from the concepts of uniqueness, strangeness, enigmas, specialness, and the strength of the bond between an adopted child and its family (it all makes sense in context).


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