Day twenty-eight. One more day until I’m back at the hoosegow. Better make that day count. I woke up and did my daily routine. Mom had called earlier and asked me what we needed at the house. Just some milk and peanut butter (which she left behind. I get really crazy without my peanut butter). I did some small editing and I guess it went alright (the crew orchestrated a fight at the jail yard). It felt like I had a cold brewing, but I felt fine for the most part. Maybe it was some allergies or something. I can’t tell the difference. I’ve also been looking at some stuff involving jealousy and sibling rivalry on TV Tropes for some reason. Nothing at all…nothing at all…nothing at all…stupid sexy Flanders.

Despite the cold, I was able to go out for my jog. I got out early so I got to greet Mr. Sun before he went to bed. At the meeting, we got to practice our new song, a first for me that’s for sure. And there ends my boring journey that few people would care to read. Goodnight.


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