Day twenty-nine. This is it. The final day. Boy did that had a Kingdom Hearts feel to it. Poor Roxas. My day began with the reading of some fine literature before doing my daily activities. I was feeling better so maybe it was just an allergy thing. I had watched Frozen today to see what the hype was all about. What better way to cap off winter break than with a winter movie. It was a pretty good movie if you were wondering. Classic Disney with a little subversion here and there, so if you’re into that sort of thing, go look into it. My favorite character would have to be Anna. The movie seems to highlight her character more than Elsa. She seems more relatable. Here was this extroverted kid who was best friends with her sister, gets in accident with her, forgot about her sister’s powers and what they could do, wonders why her sister is so distant, and would seek any opportunity to talk with anybody. I think we see a bit Anna in most of us, including an introvert such as myself.

After doing some editing, I took a brisk jog outside. It was freezing, though not as bad as last year. I wore one of my old hoodies and discover a hole on the hood just as soon as the brisk, frozen air blew into it. I wonder. Did Elsa visited my town today? Needless to say, it took a minute for my ears to defrost once I got inside. I played some Final Fantasy today. Tidus got his revenge on the monster that attacked him early in the game, and I finally completed my goal of getting Anima (really powerful Aeon). After seeing Seymour’s mom, I get why the guy is messed up. The Wizards are 24-11 people and I’m going to bed.


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