First day back was in a word…cold. I walked on campus with my gray Under Armour hoodie and my gray Under Armour shoes stuffed with toe warmers to be greeted with a wind chill of ten degrees. January weather sucks. I had an hour before my first class Art Survey so I spent my finer minutes in the library getting acclimated with my schedule for today, all the while freezing my butt off. My hand absorbs more heat than cold and what’s worse is that the Art Survey class had a malfunctioning heater so we had to sit in a cold room for an hour. Yeah, real pleasant morning there. People will remember this cold for centuries…centuries!

So I was planning on buying my books, but the bookstore didn’t have most of them, and it turns out that the store didn’t sell a psychology book I needed so I had to buy it on Amazon. It should get here in late January…right before the first test. Well, at least the psychology teacher is nice. The rest of the classes were cool (not literally), which is just one since one of them didn’t meet today. The class was creative writing and I did spent the time outlining my third book. It felt weird seeing all the freshmen, considering not too long ago I was one. I was the younger brother on the block. Now I’m the veteran that others could look up to. Fortunately, I still met some familiar friends.

After all is said and done, I returned home to snuggle under the cover as I wonder if the books are ever going to come in on time before my teachers ask me to do something.


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