The Ravens had lost. God, I just hate the Patriots. No doubt they won fair and square, but geez, it seems like they always have a free ticket. They play in arguably the scrubbiest division ever (excluding the NFC South this year) and rarely have injury concerns. I’m just bummed out that we came all this way, fought in the toughest division in the NFL, overcame adversity, played amazing only to lose to that team, and now there’s almost certainty that there’d be another Brady-Manning showdown (yawn). Even if the Colts did win, I still wouldn’t like it. See Baltimore Colts relocation controversy. I just hate to go through another long offseason, especially since I can’t see where I would end up in a few years.

As for my day, put simply, I got up, drove to get groceries, got some snacks along the way, looked around in a store, read a little in the car before taking a siesta (not behind the wheel), got home, put up groceries, read some more, and watched the game (see above paragraph for the reaction)


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