This has been a poor sports weekend. My Ravens are done, the Wizards got spanked by Atlanta, the Patriots are facing the Colts in the championship…again! This is just awful…Well, that’s life. No, I’m not really depressed about sports this weekend, though I doubt I’ll watch the championship game. No need to see what I could already see in a NFL documentary somewhere. I digress.

This fair Sunday day began with a special guest at this morning’s meeting. I was working the mics again. My face is feeling much better now. I didn’t need to use nasal spray very much. When I had got home, I finished my homework assignment two days before it was due. Why put off something tomorrow when you could put up with it today, right? I was even in a better mood to go jogging as well. Now if only the weather had magically changed to Spring, I’d feel much better.


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