Today was actually pleasant. You ever heard of Mike Nelson, destroyer of planets? It’s hilarious trust me. Well, before class I watched that and some other videos before checking to see if the bookstore had the books for my classes. They didn’t. Well, they didn’t until I checked again later that afternoon. They had a new, heavy book for one of my classes. The rest I decided to buy on Amazon.

You would think that four straight lectures would drive me insane and it did, but my psychology teacher was quite fun and asked questions that made you think about your moral center. My kind of questions. Also it helps that one of my classes was creative writing and that it was play day to get the juices flowing. I had to go to the meeting just as I got home, and seriously, I thought I was in for a rough night, but it was actually very pleasant. I worked the PA systems and basically sat in a single seat by my lonesome self so I guess that helps. Oh, and the Wizards win again. And I’m through.


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