Today was a pretty good day. I started the day by doing the usual: Going to the library and reading some TV Tropes before going to class. I did get my book at the store, and apparently, they charged it as debit so I think I’m in the clear. Art history was a killer. Really, I didn’t think it would be so boring. At least psychology class was interesting. My literature class did something interesting. We broke into groups and did a little assignment. My group did talk a bit, but I mostly kept silent. I felt bad about having little to contribute because of my recent acquisition of my book, but I will do better next time. That leaves my creative writing class. Well, what can I say? We played a bit, wrote a bit but I just can’t believe how quiet that class was. I had a creative explosion so that’s always a plus. I went down to Publix to grab an apple and some Cheese-its and went home to call it day.


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