To quote Owl City “I am such an insomniac!” I couldn’t sleep very well last night and paid for it in the morning. Thankfully, I managed to accomplish this feat on my own instead of my sister having to do it for me. I wouldn’t have appreciated that…well, in the moment I mean.

Service was okay I guess. Something about being in a moving vehicle just puts a guy to sleep multiple times. Lucky, I was pretty prepared or things could’ve gotten rough. It got better as the day dragged on. The weather being solid helped too. The group had stopped at Sonic where we grabbed a bite to eat. No matter the season, I will always love the blue coconut cream slush. Got back home, got my books, lounged around a bit, edited some more (80,000 words baby!), and then went out for a jog. The Wizards fell today at the hands of the Nets and I think I should catch up on my sleep.


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