Today had me waking up, doing the chores, eating breakfast, and so forth. I managed to finish the readings that I have due tomorrow. Honestly, I didn’t expect to actually finish it, but I guess a four day weekend is more than enough time to finish an assignment than a two day one. Then I listened to some music mixes like Party Rock Levels and Good Levels. You could I’m really into the Levels thing. And then I pondered on the ways of how I could make my characters more three-dimensional. I mean characters are basically people, right? And there’s layers beneath a person, right? So why not expand on it a little bit. It’s going to be quite the project. So that also went into the editing process before going on my daily jog. When I got back, I watched some more cartoons and heard the Wizard beating 76ers (a common theme with this team this year). So with that and school tomorrow, I’m going to bed. But before I go, here’s a little project for you. Think of an original, unique superpower. Just a little something to get the creative juices pumping.


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