Today was just a simple Tuesday. I spent the morning at the library preparing for class, and by preparing for class I mean listening to music for half an hour. I have to do something fun before five straight hours of lectures, well, sort of lectures. First class nearly dropped me, but then I remembered that I had plush toy that I could fiddle with to keep me awake and focused and the teacher didn’t mind it so dug it out of my bag and fiddled away while outlining my third book. Hey, I have trouble learning by listening anyway. The least I could do is something productive. Psychology was alright. Got to try out my new textbook. I was prepared for literature class, and creative writing class had us visit a museum where we looked at photos of kids in juvenile detention centers while trying to write a story about what the scenes depict. I actually found a book somewhere, telling me what happened to land them there. The stories were more sad than reprehensible. The pictures kind of reminded me of myself, except I’ve never been a bad kid. I thought maybe it was my appearance. My favorite clothing was hoodies, and though I never put much thought into it, I knew that to some people hoodies were seen as a symbol of criminal activity. I did some research on the matter and found I wasn’t the only one with these things in mind. Fortunately, there is a positive movement in showing that hoodies are more of a fashion statement than anything criminal. I had a pretty good creative day, and the readings I have to do Thursday are pretty good. I look forward to finishing it. The only thing that ruins it: an essay due in over a week.


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