Last day of the week. Sigh. The only way this could be more relaxing is if I didn’t have to think about the assembly in two days, but I ranted enough about that. I am basically ahead of the curve in school. With little bumps here and there. Art History is B-O-R-I-N-G. Maybe I should start taking swigs of Monster energy drink before I go in there because it’s hard not to go to sleep. The teacher goes on and on and on without taking a single breath. I thought learning about art was supposed to be fun, but I guess I’ll have to choose my classes carefully. Psychology is basically a class that feels like you have to be on pot to understand it. It’s a lot about wondering why we are here and if what we’re learning really matters. Really spacy stuff there. Literature is pretty straight forward. Tricky at first, but once you got everything down, it’s pretty good. And last but not least creative writing. It is so far my favorite class. Maybe that’s because there’s not a lot spacy rules and stuff that I could understand. I have a feeling that this semester is going to be good but weird. I have a couple of readings to do, an essay due next Thursday, and a writing assignment that involves me going against my usual writing quo. Yeah, real relaxing.


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