There’s one thing I learned in life: attractive people get everything. Or at least that’s what a Buzzfeed video says. I don’t know where I fall, but screw it. My life’s pretty good so far. I’ll just keep riding that wagon until the wheels fall off (hopefully not before the age of twenty-two). T.H.E (the hardest ever) is one way to describe my day. No literally. I listened to that song like five times today. Will.I.am, J-Lo, and Mick Jagger. What’s not to love? Prepare for hate…now.

Seriously, today was kind of tough. If I hadn’t been able to take sips of my Monster during my classes, I would have passed out in at least two of them. I had gotten so hungry in my last class that I had to run down to the library for a quick snack. Food tastes better when you’re hungry. I also had to run down to Publix to get some dental floss. Take my advice Benito Cereo is a hard read. I couldn’t tell where the story began and where it ends. The meeting tonight was tough too. I almost fell asleep there as well. Maybe this is a sign that I need more hours or that I need to change schedules, and there’s only one that I could actually change. We’ll see on Thursday.


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