I thought that today I would have a crappy day with low energy. Turned out that I had an average day with pretty high energy. I got up and did some homework (let’s just say I’m read out) and then soothed my brain with some television programs. Then I began editing my book for the first time in the last few days before heading out for a jog earlier than usual.

Once I got back inside, I got to chill out for a bit. My sister came running into my room demanding that I not go to school. I being placid, told her I can’t do that, and she goes off in her room. It was then that I figured dad must be staying home. I don’t know why she doesn’t like him very much. She claims that he argues with her which isn’t true. Truth be told, he treats her better than he does me. She’s a brat. Spoiled rotten. Anyway, I had to go shave and now I’m going to take a shower. Later.


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