Now I could tell you how my day was, but you know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”:

Yep, I was inspired by Egyptian culture (mainly drawings) today. Though to be honest, those pictures had scared me since I was a little kid and still do to this day. They’re just staring at you. You have to admit that’s creepy. Look King Tut I can’t pee when you’re watching me! Anyway, Egypt is quite a topic to talk about, but if I have to explain everything, we’ll probably be here for weeks, so I decided to show this picture instead. Note how they appear. Egyptians paintings look like this because they wanted to capture every detail of the human body (and I don’t think they understood how to draw in 3D but that’s just me) and they go by scale, meaning the bigger the person in the picture is to everybody, the more important he is. Being of African descent (though I’m pretty sure I’m not Egyptian), this really interested me as well as the thought about going to the islands and checking out the different cultures:

It looks quite interesting. My mom and I were actually talking about going there some time. Possibly after graduation or whatever. We even talked about what kind of woman I would marry in the future. We both agree that my future wife would probably be outside our race or even outside this country, but we’ll see. Plenty of good fish in the sea. School gave me a load to do this weekend: two books to read, a peer review, a test on Tuesday, and a writing assignment. I’m going to need the four days. There’s three thousand words for you. Goodnight.


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