Busy, busy morning. I had to read an article, do another peer review, go to Walmart, and read more out of a book (as an assignment, not for fun, but it is a good read). I did get to jog, but I didn’t have much time in the sun as it was setting. Since it was quiet outside, I decided to take the book out and do some more reading. I’m upset that CJ Mosley didn’t win DROY. He totally deserve that award. I mean Aaron didn’t even get that many sacks to impress me. See Reggie White and his sack totals in a season and come talk to me. CJ got over half his sack total, more tackles, starts, Pro Bowl, interceptions, and fumbles. What does he have to do? Sing opera. That’s Justin Tucker’s role. And there’s the excuses that he played with an all star defense. Most of those “all stars” don’t impact his role, and Aaron’s no better plus his is younger. What they lack is reputation…and wins. But that’s all I have to say. I watch some walkthroughs, Still Standing, and Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Goodnight.


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