Today was so hard. I studied like crazy for the test this morning before heading off to Art History where I learned that we had to take the test at a different building (which I forgot to go check out) before reviewing for the test. In unrelated news I drew my first Egyptian eye. It looks something like this:

Creepy once you look at it. Why must I be interested in stuff that scares me? I am such a contradiction. I took the test. Didn’t feel hard, but I felt like I guessed on it a little too much. Tricky questions. One thing that I learned is that after a while, protein shakes begin to clump up. At least I was prepared for my last two classes and that creatively I had a good day.

I got home to prepare to go to another meeting. I wasn’t going mad but I had to stand up a few times. I also had to read in front of a crowd. Good thing I have nerves of steel. Once, I got home I did one of the assignments I had due so that just leaves two books and a test to study before Thursday. Like I said. So hard.


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