Well, today began quite stressful, but ended pretty well. First off, I went to our meeting. Same old, same old, nothing really out of the ordinary. Then we had to go to our study. The couple who usually studies with us were late, and I took off a little too early, but we had it anyway. Personally, I was pretty grumpy during the whole ordeal. This was just after the meeting, and the last thing I wanted to do was more sitting and listening. I didn’t really need the study. It was more for my sister, and I have the feeling that my mom just wanted me to just drive her there so she doesn’t have to. Even if that were true, she didn’t have to volunteer me for the study. I could’ve just done it. Lucky, I enjoy the couple’s company so much and learning’s always a plus.

In other news, I got to wondering what good novels are out there. Maybe because of all the reading that I have to do for literature class. Speaking of which, the assignment I have to do “A New England Nun” was quite a good read. Name aside, I recommend it, and are looking for some good novels. All of this culminated in a creative burst which I put into use while jogging. Good night.


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