Well, the pictures says it all. I’ve got quite the journey ahead of me. A creative assignment that deals with a historical fiction about sharecropping and half a novella to read. While all my classes went status quo, I had stopped by to talk to my literature teacher about close reading and writing an Explicator. I felt slow as we went over it together. Oral learning is not my strong suit. Eventually, this led to me taking out a pen and paper and illustrating what she meant. Could’ve saved twenty minutes.

Of course with the holiday coming up you tend to see booths spring up here and there offering flowers and candy for your sweet…and a lot things that teaches you about safe sex. Now the topic of safe sex doesn’t bother me, but when you hand me candy and condoms, well you just crossed into awkward territory. I don’t want to be carrying those around. I’m not that guy who seems to be eager, and what gives you the right to butt in people’s love life, not that I have one at the moment. If people were responsible adults, they could handle their own business or suffer the consequences. Whichever rows the boat.

Things took a turn for the dangerous as my mother and I spotted an erratic driver and my mom basically called the police who weren’t pretty helpful. I hope she/he made it home alright, or at least a jail cell. Better than him/her being dead. Peace out.


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