Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the sheep.

Or that’s what I had learned in Art History which had just reopened since over a week ago. The sheep is one of the least popular of the Chinese Zodiac, maybe because of its status as a follower not a leader. That sounds like bilge to me, but then again the quiz I had taken that tells you which animal are you told me I was mountain goat so not an unbiased opinion I guess. The rest of the day was up and down. While I managed to do what I need to do, the work was still a little too choppy. Maybe I’m still getting used to the semester or maybe this month just has it out for me. I still have trouble hacking close reading and with a test around the corner and another sixty-nine pages to read out of a new book, things seemed to get grimmer.  Well, on that note, goodnight and please pray for me.


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