Today was good all the way up to the half of the day where it took a deep slope. It was a snow day one for the school and two it snowed over the house so I’m not sure if I could make it to school tomorrow. Why is it that the snow comes when I don’t need it but doesn’t come when I do need it. Why? At least my two books came in the mail. I love hardcover over paperback. There so…sturdy. I was feeling better except for my sinuses which is requiring that I squirt nasal spray every ten minutes or so. So breathing is an issue. I did get further in the required readings. Ninety-two pages; need to get to a hundred and forty by Tuesday. I also did the assigned poetry as well and got to listen to the tegrity lecture for Art History class. You would be amazed at how much you can get done during snowy days. Since my health wasn’t up to snuff and it was bone white outside, I didn’t show up for a jog. I hope this doesn’t impact my health in anyway, but at least it didn’t impact my creativity…that was on me. I was starting on some fever induced shorts, but I guess that’ll have to wait til next time.


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