It was a snow day…for me. While school was resuming as scheduled, I was stuck at home due to all the white stuff lying around the house which thanks to my fading illness I couldn’t really enjoy so I had to email most of my teachers telling them of my predicament and turned in assignments as well as rescheduled my test. Thankfully, that one teacher was…sort of understanding. She had asked me for proof of said situation or she’ll have to take twenty percent off (not that I could blame her or anything). Thankfully, my mom had uploaded some photos earlier last night so I had sent them to her and pretty much avoided that whole mess. The test is now to be taken at April 14. Lucky, right? Some would say so. I’m also feeling much better now, and I got productive with my time. I listened to some tegrity lectures and gotten even further on my readings (up to a hundred and six pages) then I did some editing and learned quickly how your writing can get out of shape while you were down so there’s another journey I have to go through but, hey, a five day weekend is good trade for the time being.


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