Today was a technical snow day. Though I didn’t think it would go that way. It wasn’t technically snowing, but it was sleeting and my family couldn’t get out the house. My poor sister was so looking forward to leaving, so I had to email my teachers again telling them I can’t make it only to find out that I was going to go after all, so I re-emailed them, telling them I was coming. I made it to one lecture…and then school was cancelled. O_O

My mom and me texted each other, ready to go back home after I bought something to eat. So before I could finish my morning Monster drink, I was going home. So you could probably tell our reaction heading home:

At least it wasn’t a total waste. I did go to a lecture, I got what needed to do next class, I had time for reading, and I have something interesting to blog about. So, in short, I crashed at home, watched That 70s Show, went for a jog, listened to some music, read a little, learned more Spanish (can’t trill Rs), and had a good day of editing. Really great day.


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