Check out the new shades I got during shopping. Didn’t need them, but they were only six dollars so it’s not like I blew money on Ray Bans. Anyway, after getting home and reading a magazine, I finished one of my creative writing assignments, an analysis and a fill in the blank poem called “Fill In The Blank”. I am such good with names. Mom had this idea of visiting Germany for the summer of my graduation, and I like the idea of seeing German culture, but I don’t know. I’m not too fond of the idea of going to Europe with my family, my dad talking about how much he knows about Germany because of visiting there in his military days and my mom wanting to do pretty much shopping and visiting way too many crowded places (not a problem but an introvert does have a human input limit and my mom probably thinks that means I need to be around people more), and I feel as if they want to go more than I want to like it’s their choice. They asked me about it, but I know for a fact that my opinion doesn’t really matter. They want to go and that’s final, and even when they relent, they get offended and make it all about them, about how I was being selfish, and bringing people down all because I want to be heard for once. It’s just that for once I would like to be treated like an individual person rather than a robot that they could call on to do stuff every once and a while, or just another black boy that could replaced and wouldn’t be missed. But Germany is cool. I just hope isn’t chilly. I would like my vacation spots to be warm since I tire of the cold.


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