After a few long days of tedious work, I finally had a day to relax, which if my parents read this, think I don’t know what work is since I don’t have a job. Listen, I know going to school doesn’t pay and that I don’t have a bill, but school is rough. You have assignments in and out the classroom, and it’s not as easy as it sounds (Boo hoo?). Say that while having to read fifty pages out of tough novel in one to three days, not only that but close read them and fear a pop quiz while at the same time studying for a test with about a hundred slides (not making it up) to look over while juggling the fact that you also have to review about eleven students’ papers. It could have been worse. I could have another test that day, it’s the only time that I thank the snow days. Want to add insult to injury? You know those silent moments where you can sit down at least for a minute. I know you may have taxes, bills, or whatever to look through but think about this carefully the next you ever think to say I don’t know what hard work is. I am a writer, writing books is a job and a hobby. I know I haven’t made money off it yet, but being a self published author, you have no idea of the time and effort it takes to craft such a marvel as well as edit it, how many books you have to read and study taking into consideration the genre you are doing. Try finding inspiration from day while someone comes into your room and complain about this habit or that while also having to entertain your sibling (older or younger pick one) by doing impressions at least five times at a time while also having your father “try to get close to you” by asking invasive questions. Just because I like kids don’t mean I want to have them now, and just because I don’t “experience” things is not a good reason to treat me as naive, and just because disagree with a statement in order to make a point does not mean it’s because of testosterone (I really hate that word) or I’m trying “beat you”. A point is a point! Live with it! Enough with the male cop out. That’s just as bad as saying a girl is moody because of menstruation. You know what really grinds my gears is that some people lack understanding. Not every person is an early bird. There is such a thing as a night owl, and why do you judge me for when get up at eleven on my day off! I’m not lazy. When you have a day planned out the night before, you take advantage of your privileges. I hate mornings. If I want to sleep it off, who are you to judge? I don’t judge you for taking naps in the middle of the day, or when you go to bed at 8:30. We have different bodies and schedules. Oh, and just because social interactions makes me tired does not mean I hate people or need to get out more. I’m fine. Some people get energy from crowds; others like me are content in a quiet space. And. Do. Not. Call. Me. Lazy! I wash the dishes, bring wood in and keep it burning, take out the garbage, and basically do everything you guys want on a limb even though I pretty much don’t need to. And you do it as if I don’t have anything going on. Do you ever think that asking me to do stuff would be good, no because where you come from asking is a sign of rebellion or that you’re deferring to me. There’s only so much difference between “Can you help” and “Go help”, except that one sounds like I’m a person not a servant. Sorry for the rant. Anyway, I had a relaxing day, even re-edit some journal entries, and learn some more Spanish. Goodnight, especially you mom and dad, and thanks for freaking dinner.


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