Finally, the day where my classes finally get off my…well, for the most part anyway. Still have a paper and a test to study for and a book to read, but this time I have over a week to do so. Now admittedly I was crabby in the morning (when am I not), but insomnia had kicked in and I was driven crazy from the lack of sleep. I didn’t have literature to go to and psychology class was kind of short. My stomach was growling so I stepped out of the lecture hall for a second to eat the energy bar I had in my backpack. When I came back, it was over. At least, I got a B on my test. Some student came by to take pictures in my creative writing class and we all got pretty much a close up. It was a pretty loose environment since we were all about to leave to have some fun. I had seen my classmates everywhere today. So after a last minute exploring the campus, I headed home. Pretty good day. Can’t believe this semester is coming to a close


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