Okay, I totally didn’t realize this picture had a wave effect. Kind of makes it rock a little harder now, doesn’t it? Hold on let me try this again:

Awesome! Freaking awesome! You know I love that show. Carl is going to be so upset.

Besides that epicness, my day was bad at first but got better. I had some early morning pain that some ibuprofen helped fixed, but it especially got better as I had written some stories and reviewed some books on Goodreads. I guess it helps keep the mind off the pain. You know what book I would give a less than pleasant review is “Lolita”, the book I have to read for literature. I don’t know there’s just that view of a dude being preoccupied by a twelve year old girl that makes it tough to read. Plus, the writing is boring. And I have to close read it. It took me three days to read forty-eight pages. Meanwhile, I can’t believe the Wizards punched out the Trailblazers. That’s crowing moment. Buenas noches!


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